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Rustic Private Clothing Optional Naturist Nudist Vacation Rental Retreat



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Book the entire 2500 SQ FT  CABIN for your Exclusive Privacy 


BOOK 1,2, or 3 bedrooms & join Eric as he hosts you! (BNB style)    

WE now offer Naturist,Nudist, Clothing Optional WEDDINGS!


Oasis in the Woods - 


OR IF YOU JUST WANT A TOTALLY PRIVATE VACATION RENTAL with clothes! (We promise we won't tell!)

      Accommodates up to 6 adults &  2 children!                                                                              PETS WELCOME!

Rustic, Private, Vacation Clothing Optional Nudist Naturist Vacation Rental YOU RENT IT ALL  

NEW- on days that no one is renting the entire Retreat - you now have the opportunity to RENT ONLY ONE ROOM FOR ONLY $85!  Book one of the three bedrooms and share the Retreat with Eric and potentially other guests!!  You Still have FULL USE of ALL of the amenities!                     

CLICK the links below  FOR MORE INFO  

Bedroom 1:  https://www.vrbo.com/1209511?adultsCount=2&noDates=true&petIncluded=false

Bedroom 2:   https://www.vrbo.com/1215987?adultsCount=2&noDates=true&petIncluded=false

Loft Bedroom 3: https://www.vrbo.com/1299438?adultsCount=2&noDates=true&petIncluded=false

The ENTIRE Log Cabin Chalet on 5 peaceful private acres for                                            YOUR PRIVATE USE ONLY!


EXCLUSIVELY YOURS  INCLUDES:  900 sq. ft SPA ROOM w/18-foot cathedral CEILING

 INDOOR heated endless pool with two super jetted massage seats, aqua rowing oars.

Great for swimming workout, relaxing, or aqua aerobics!  



  • UPPER/LOWER Body & pull-up machines, 
  • treadmill,
  •  exercise mats, meditation pillows
  • Electronic Foot Massager
  •  THREE PERSON INFRA RED SAUNA!                                                     
  • 55" Roku TV AND  6 person relaxation couch 


Beautiful in-ground screened outdoor PRIVATE pool


You do not share ANY space with other guests other than your OWN guests!

 Only a 55 drive to quaint villages /beaches on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.     


     Want the Atlantic Ocean Instead? Only a 90 minute drive to great Atlantic beaches!! 

 One of the few locations in the entire United States that can boast this!


  Relax at the chalet, or use this as your base for, river tubing, kayaking, fishing, or hiking. Or go snorkeling/scuba cave diving in incredible natural Springs. With three main rivers all within 20 minutes, whether you want to rent a kayak or canoe and go "Way Down Upon the Suwanee River" or sit on an inner tube and float for an hour or 6 hours down the Santa Fe River, or paddle board the various Springs, or just go swimming in the Springs they are ALL close and accessible.


The bedrooms look out on woods and fields, and one does not have to look hard to see bunnies and deer wandering by. 


An early morning meditation in the spa room, (meditation cushions and mats are available), a walk on the treadmill, use the multi-function workout machines, do your sit ups on our provided mats. swim your laps in the endless pool, use our aqua rowing in the swim spa for non-impact upper body workout, and don't forget to do your aerobics in the warm water of the spa- LOW impact, sit in the sauna and purge your body of toxins as you read a book from my library, and then a jump in the cool water of the outside pool,( the Swedes jump into the snow- hey this is Florida!) is a wonderful way to start any day!

End the day back in the Spa room, repeat the morning ritual before bed, (and don't forget to brush your teeth), and get a good night's sleep, because the big decision in the morning is "do we go exploring" or hang out at the pool and spa room again today?"' Decisions, decisions, decisions!


The kitchen is fully stocked and ready to serve eight! just bring you food, spices and recipes! the kitchen is open design, so the chef(s) can talk with those in the living and dining room, and the kitchen is big enough to accommodate up to SIX people cooking in it!


Want a great place to get married?

 Pitch the wedding test on our open lawn, have a great wedding,Then get rid of everyone and have a great PRIVATE honeymoon! 


The HARDEST decision you will probably make is " DO I want to go out site seeing? A DAY TRIP to the Gulf of Mexico?(50 minutes away) A DAY TRIP to the Atlantic Ocean? (less then 90 minutes away!


 Do I want to travel less than 20 minutes for 3 rivers for kayaking, fishing, and inner tubing? OR visit the best white water rapids in FL? Or visit the best under water cave diving in the entire United States, just 10 minutes away? Over 6 beautiful different parks with Natural Springs?


Do I want to go to a wild game rescue park 10 minutes away? OR go horseback riding around the springs? (15 minutes away) 


go visit a place that houses Falcons?(15 minutes away)

 OR Maybe just go Antiquing in Rural America?


If I have to….. – Disney is only a 2 ½ hour ride – and then back to solitude -Thank goodness!


MAYBE, JUST MAYBE... we should stay home at our PRIVATE RETREAT/SPA and just CHILL?




Your only regret will be, "WHY DIDN'T WE BOOK THIS FOR LONGER?!"

For more information on booking INDIVIDUAL rooms please CLICK THE LINK BELOW    https://www.vrbo.com/1209511?adultsCount=2&noDates=true&petIncluded=false

About Us


3 bedrooms with comfortable Queen beds with allergy  and dust protection

Welcome to my home When you rent the Oasis in the Woods, you will be renting 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and my 900 sq ft Spa and workout room. It is YOUR PRIVATE SPACE PLUS FIVE private fenced in acres

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Outside Amenities

My property consists of an in ground outdoor pool (totally private) on FIVE acres of fenced private

My property consists of an in ground outdoor pool (totally private) on FIVE acres of fenced private  grounds.  the ideal clothes optional rental vacation rental. Sit on one of the 2 covered porches and watch the wildlife, meditate, or just enjoy the silence of nature!

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Inside Amenities

Everything you can want and need for that special  naturist clothes optional vacation rental.

The Spa room is the highlight of this spa.  with a built in "endless pool"/Jacuzzi for laps, water aerobics, relaxation.  Plus a 3 person Sauna, complete workout and meditation room, with 50" Roko TV, and comfortable sitting and computer areas.

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What You Want..We Got It!

Sometimes it is even better to spend special time with family and old friends - relax, enjoy, smile!

super fast wireless internet, totally stocked kitchen, 3 gorgeous bedrooms, 5 wooded acres, total privacy for you nudist/ naturist/ clothing optional lifestyle.  Visit rural Florida, away from the hustle and bustle but ONLY ONE HOUR from both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. With 5 springs, 3 rivers, and some of the best underwater cave diving in the US - you are close to some of the finest  natural gems in the US!

What's Nearby

You won't believe ALL of the cool nature stuff near here!

 Relax at the Osis in the Woods,or use this as your base for, river tubing, kayaking, hiking. Or go snorkeling/scuba cave diving in incredible natural Springs. With three main rivers all within 20 minutes, whether you want to rent a kayak or canoe and go “Way Down Upon the Suwanee River”, or sit on an inner tube and float for an hour or 6 hours down the Santa Fe River, or paddle board the various Springs, or just go swimming in the Springs they are ALL close and accessible. 

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What Our Guests Saying

Listen to what our guests have said about us. We hate to brag....but.....

Their unbiased opinions!

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The Gulf of Mexico less then 50 miles away!

Want some time on the water.  Use your base here because travel to the Gulf of Mexico is ONLY 50 mil

Want a Great side trip? Less then 50 miles from the Oasis in the Woods is the Gulf of Mexico!  Enjoy a quint Florida fishing village  and be home to use the Spa!

The Atlantic Ocean only 80 Miles Away!



OK, so we loved the Gulf of Mexico, but we have heard great things about the Atlantic Ocean too! Only 80 miles away from the Oasis in the Woods is the Atlantic Ocean! Go for the day, swim in the Ocean, and  still get back to the Oasis in the Woods for that late-night workout and dip in the Spa!   

Nearby for the Children


There are not only great rivers, and Springs near bye, but Horseback riding  rentals,  wild animal parks, and wild Falcons too!

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what the press is saying about us!


As seen in Fall 2018 Issue of Going Natural Magazine

GOING NATURAL / AU NATUREL is a quarterly magazine. Its objectives are to provide Canada with information on naturism and to present news of naturist activities in Canada and throughout the world. The Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) and the Fédération québécoise de naturisme (FQN) share the Canadian membership in the International Naturist Federation (INF). NATURAL au NATUREL 24 FALL/AUTOMNE 2018 gN/aN 

A room filled with furniture and a fireplace

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Oasis in the Woods By Barely There

Sometimes love makes us travel unusual paths. Take Eric Rubin who lives in Florida for instance. He bought his 3-bedroom log chalet in 2010 that included an outdoor pool, gourmet kitchen, 2-story living room, and formal dining-room, and then he built a 900 sq. ft. spa room that includes an indoor heated endless pool, ultrasonic sauna, and full fitness center! When we asked him, “Why the heck are you renting this? What’s the back story”, he smiled and said, “It can all summed up in one word... LOVE! 

Eric’s fiancée, a high school English teacher, lives 9546 miles away! About a year and a half ago Eric decided he needed a new goal that of learning to speak French. As he tells it, “I took an online class, my French tutor was a delightful woman from Mauritius, who had the most delightful accent”. One thing led to another, and after 6 months of corresponding online he visited her for the first time. He says “, I put my home on Airbnb, made my business partner the manager, and headed to Africa. After 3 visits, over 6 months of corresponding, and 6 months of dating face-to-face, they made the commitment to get engaged, and rented a lovely brand new 2-bedroom apartment which they now call home. 

But, when Eric talked about plans, Dheerata raised one question, “If everyone who rented your home in Florida, loved it and rated it highly, why isn’t it being booked all of the time?” Eric smiles when he tells this part and said,” Did I mention that not only being incredibly beautiful, she is brilliant and ruthlessly honest?” He says that with that pressing question on his mind he kissed her, bought a ticket back to Florida, and said, “I will be back when I have answered and resolved that question.” As he says, “she kissed me and said, good, get back soon!” 

Eric says, I knew what the problem was. “One had to know where McAlpin was to find my place on Airbnb “. Only 50 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico, 1 ½ hours from the Atlantic Ocean, 15 minutes away from 2 rivers for fishing, canoeing, tubing, and 15 minutes from some of the best springs in the USA for swimming and cave diving, my place was not an unknown treasure to many, just unknown to most!”


It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, that a couple with their 2 kids gave him the solution. Upon checking out they said, “We’re naturists, and your place is the perfect family Florida vacation. As naturists with kids, choices are limited, and your place rocks!’” They convinced Eric that there were thousands of people like them that would love being able to rent a private chalet, that was just for them, their family and guests, with so many outdoor things to do both on property and within 15 minutes! Eric said, “I was shocked! I am a naturist myself and I never thought of marketing my home that way! Duh!” 

He said,” I am a happy man, I am on my way back to Mauritius for my maximum 6 month allowed stay, and hopefully will return with my fiancée, so that we can be married here in the US. Until then, I hope that others can find the pleasure of the Oasis in the Woods, that the family who opened my eyes to who should be vacationing here did. gN 

Oasis in the Woods (386) 243-9764 email: info@oasisinthewoods.com   www.oasisinthewoods.com 

Best Going Natural Magazine Fall 2018 please read and share 1 28 19 pdf (pdf)


Available for Private Weddings!


The Oasis in the Woods now offers clothing optional weddings! When you book the property, it is only for you and your guests! A wedding NEVER shares space with other non-wedding guests, and we offer just one wedding a DAY!

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Let us help you get ready for your get-away! 

If you have a question about your vacation rental or about our neighborhood services, just ask. We look forward to hearing from you.

Oasis In The Woods - Cothes Optional Rental

9545 178th St., McAlpin, FL 32062, US

(386) 243-9764 email: info@oasisinthewoods.com

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