900 Sq ft Spa Room.  Heated swim spa/Jacuzzi, fitness machines, 3 Person ultra sonic sauna and more
This offer cannot be combined with any other offers!


Rent the Oasis in the Woods for  ONE continuous month and receive 50% off daily rates!   

You will have exclusive use of the entire property for you and your guests- EXCLUSIVELY ! No other guests!

up to 6 Adults and 2 children!

and yes pets ARE welcome!

good  for bookings Nov. 2019 -April 2020   Certain conditions apply

NEW! book 1-3 individual rooms $85/each & use all amenities

Limited introductory promo price - Rent 1,2, or 3 rooms & get full use of all amenities! BnB style!


NOW YOU CAN BOOK BY THE ROOM for as Little as $80/night and STILL use ALL the amenities!

 I want to share with you  a new and exciting development. Now in addition to being able to book  the entire Chalet as  your own private resort; NOW YOU CAN BOOK  1-3 INDIVIDUAL ROOMS with Eric being your host (kind of BNB style) for as little as $75 a NIGHT!

I previously had only booked the entire Facility when I was visiting my wife in Africa ( she is a school teacher there) and the rest of the time I lived there by myself with my dog Tiger. After having numerous people ask me if they could just rent a room when I was there, and use the great facilities and enjoy nature, I realized I actually would LOVE that!  So now when I am back in the US, I offer my THREE additional bedrooms to my guests who enjoy the Nudist/ Naturist/ Clothing Optional lifestyle as much as I do.

Bedroom #1 is on the ground floor and has a Queen Bed and overlooks the front and side yards! Bedroom #2 is on the ground floor and has a queen bed and futon and overlooks the side yard and has French-doors to a semi-private back porch and overlooks the pool. Bedroom #3 is on the second floor and is an open loft bedroom with a queen bed, overlooking the Living Room and pool.

I am  a gourmet cook ( and originator of Laurie's Kitchen Cooking Sauces) and I cook Vegetarian as well! If you are lucky,  I will prepare for you one of  my wife's  Mauritius  specialties that she has made me cook at least 50 times before allowing me to associate her name with it! Lol  

 If you want me  to cook any meals please let me know in advance if possible (additional charge for meals). 


Eric Rubin (owner)


Files coming soon.



The Oasis in the Woods now offers clothing optional weddings! When you book the property, it is only for you and your guests! A wedding NEVER shares space with other non-wedding guests, and we offer just one wedding a DAY!

The Oasis in the Woods offers it all. I am an ordained non-denominational minister who can perform the ceremony if your guests desire. I know sometimes it is a problem finding a minister who feels comfortable in a naturist surrounding, so “Rev. Eric” is always available to officiate the wedding! If the bride and groom have someone that they would want to officiate the wedding, no problem!

With five fenced in private acres the ceremony can be held outside under the trees or in a tent (UP TO 200 GUESTS), or inside in the 900’ Spa room that can hold up to 60 guests!

I am also a gourmet chef and was the owner of Peter J. Morgan Afternoon Tea Catering in Dallas, Tx and also the founder and President of Laurie’s Kitchen Cooking Sauces, and I and can provide a wide variety of menus options to fit various budgets and dietary restrictions! If a guest wants another Caterer to prepare, that’s not a problem, and the huge open kitchen with 3 sinks allows up to 6 chefs and prep chefs to cook simultaneously as well.

Guests will have access to all of the amenities before and after the wedding including the outdoor pool, indoor swim spa/Jacuzzi and Sauna, fire pit and use of the rest of the house as well.

There is plenty of parking inside the grounds for convenience of all attending. 

Once the wedding is over and the guests leave, the Oasis in the Woods is a great place to honeymoon, or just relax after the celebration to get ready for a honeymoon somewhere else.

I have created and catered weddings and celebrations from intimate 2-person events to wedding and parties for up to 1,000 people (not at the Oasis for this many guests), and I will work to make every wedding special and unique.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions at (386) 243-9764.

I look forward to speaking with you further.


Eric Rubin (owner) 

PS: We also offer clothing optional bridal showers, bachelor parties, family reunions, corporate meetings, and even bar mitzvahs!