Book your clothing optional, nudist, naturalist wedding NOW!



The Oasis in the Woods now offers clothing optional weddings! When you book the property, it is only FOR YOU AND YOUR GUESTS!!  

A wedding NEVER shares space with other non-wedding guests, and we offer just one wedding a DAY!

The Oasis in the Woods offers it all. I am an ordained non-denominational minister who can perform the ceremony if your guests desire. I know sometimes it is a problem finding a minister who feels comfortable in a naturist surrounding, so “Rev. Eric” is always available to officiate the wedding! If the bride and groom have someone that they would want to officiate the wedding, no problem!

With five fenced in private acres the ceremony can be held outside under the trees or in a tent up to 200 guests), or inside in the 900’ Spa room(bad weather option, or you just want AC!) that can hold up to 70 guests!

I am also a gourmet chef and was the owner of Peter J. Morgan Afternoon Tea Catering in Dallas, TX and also the founder and President of Laurie’s Kitchen Cooking Sauces, and I and can provide a wide variety of menus options to fit various budgets and dietary restrictions! If a guest wants another Caterer to prepare, that’s not a problem, and the huge open kitchen with 3 sinks allows up to 6 chefs and prep chefs to cook simultaneously as well.

Guests will have access to all of the amenities before and after the wedding including the outdoor pool, indoor swim spa/Jacuzzi and Sauna, fire pit and use of the rest of the house as well.

There is plenty of parking inside the grounds for convenience of all attending. 

Once the wedding is over and the guests leave, the Oasis in the Woods is a great place to honeymoon, or just relax after the celebration to get ready for a honeymoon somewhere else.

I have created and catered weddings and celebrations from intimate 2-person events to wedding and parties for up to 1,000 people (not at the Oasis for this many guests), and I will work to make every wedding special and unique.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions at (386) 243-9764.

I look forward to speaking with you further.


Eric Rubin (owner) 

PS: We also offer clothing optional bridal showers, bachelor parties, family reunions, corporate meetings, and even bar mitzvahs! 




Recently I was asked by an old friend “Whatever gave you the idea to rent your chalet out to cater nudist, naturist, clothing optional weddings?” 

He knew part of the “back story”. He knew that my wife is a high school English teacher, who lives 9546 miles away in Africa, and that about 2 years ago how I decided I needed a new goal, and that for some very odd reason I had decided that that goal was to learn to speak French.

 I had taken an online class, and my French tutor was a delightful woman from Mauritius, who had the most delightful accent, a great sense of humor, and incredible patience; I am not a very good language student! One evening after our online lesson, she told me that my two months of free tutoring was about to end, and that she would have to charge me. And then she said, “I am sorry but in good faith I cannot take your money as you are the worst student that I have ever had!” I was heartbroken, until she said, “But I really enjoy talking with you, would you like to continue that?”  

After said 6 months of corresponding online, I visited her for the first time. I put my home on Airbnb, made my business partner the manager, and headed to Africa. After 4 visits and another 6 months of dating face-to-face, we got married. I have been renting my chalet out while I have been gone to naturalists who want privacy and luxury away, from the others, and in a natural setting. 

But what I hadn’t shared with my friend was that my wife, Dheerata challenged me even more and said, “ You are a minister and have had very successful catering businesses, now you are saying you want to build a stable business since coming out of retirement after our marriage, but you are NOT using many of your best skills! WHY NOT?!” Not only is my wife incredibly beautiful, she is brilliant and ruthlessly honest! And worst part was, I had no answer! 

She sent me back to the US, with the edict,” I will be over in six months, figure it out and make it work!”

My friend who knows my wife said, “Yes that certainly sounds like Dheerata, “So how did you arrive at catering nudist weddings?” I told him, “As much as I would love to take credit for this idea, it was not mine”. 

A few weeks ago, a young naturist couple who rented the Chalet for the weekend to “get away from it all”, mentioned to me as they were checking out that they were getting married next year, and asked if they could they book my place for their perfect naturist wedding? And the lightbulb went off, BING, in my head!

I told them of course they could they rent it for their wedding, and asked them, “Do you have anyone to officiate the wedding?” They looked at each other and then they both turned to me and in unison said “NO”! They asked me if I knew anyone that would feel comfortable and was licensed to officiate. When I said that I am a licensed non-denominational minister, they said, “Just when we though this visit couldn’t get any better…. And asked, “Would you?” And I answered “I do”…I mean I WILL!  I didn’t think their smiles could get any bigger, but they did.

And so, I asked them “And do you have anyone to organize, plan and cater the wedding?” Thy responded, “Where will we ever find someone to cater and plan a nudist wedding?” And again, I said… “I will!” I told them about the weddings I catered “in my past life”- as my wife calls it, and they just looked at me in awe. Just for the hell of it I asked, “and are there any dietary considerations?” and again they in unison said, “Vegetarian!” And again, I said, “I will!”

When I told my wife about this as we Skyped, her smile turned to a more pensive look. When I asked her what was wrong, she said,” Remember when we had our civil wedding in Mauritius, and you promised that when I got my visa and came to the US that we would have a “REAL “wedding? “I answered yes, not quite sure where this was going, and then she said, “Will you cater OUR wedding too?” I said, “Of course….I will!”, and saw the same smile spread across her face as it did with the couple who gave me the impetus to do what I do best, in a place I love the best! 

So sometime next April or so, there will be a weekend that Oasis in the Woods will not be available, because Dheerata and I will be getting married here! 

Eric Rubin